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Mr Jason

Integrated Program/ 'O' Levels Biology Tutor

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences and a Minor in Psychology from NUS, and have been teaching for 10 years and counting.

Inspired by my own secondary school teacher, my passion for learning and energy in teaching has allowed me to achieve my goal of helping all my students have a smoother learning journey, and I intend to continue doing so for much of my life.

Learning is a lifelong voyage best taken when everyone learns from and teaches each other. I especially love sharing nuggets of information about the world that bring relevance to what we learn in the classroom. By sharing my love for Biology, I hope that all my students can slowly see how amazing it is to have the opportunity to learn about themselves and their surroundings, and go on to apply what we’ve learned together in their lives ahead. The skills they pick up in these formative years are equally, if not more, important than the syllabus content they’re mugging for.

I’ve meticulously crafted and vetted through our curated notes, worksheets, mock papers and any other learning materials we may use in our voyage together so that I can give my best efforts to teach with the best materials, so that you may too, become the best you can be!

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