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A highly condensed all-in-one booklet

The curated notes is a highly condensed booklet that covers all content within the MOE syllabus.

This booklet consist of key concept breakdowns, worked examples and tips / exam techniques to tackle commonly tested questions at national exams!

The booklet designed based on the latest syllabus and focuses on helping you master the content and skills needed at your 'O' Levels or 'A' Levels.

We believe that when students have the best learning resources, learning is made so much easier!

Get your copy today and supercharge your revision!


As seen from Google Reviews

I got the curated notes for all the subjects I took for O levels and really learnt more from that notes than the 4 years in Secondary School.

The notes contains explanations for different statements and some tips to remember certain content, like how to remember how the wires are slotted into a plug ( for Physics).

Love the chem and physics lessons by Darrell Er and attended the physics crash course this June, his curated notes are extremely comprehensive and clear-cut as well!!

I found Overmugged about 3 weeks before prelims coincidentally and found the curated notes as well as the free online resources like the youtube videos including the podcast very helpful.

The notes were very summarized but still contained all the important information and helped me to feel more confident for O levels.


Take a sneak peek into what's inside our curated notes!

All curated notes are designed according to the latest MOE/SEAB syllabus code

Commonly tested questions and important exam tips are also included in the booklet.


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