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Our O-Level Chemistry Syllabus

Chemistry is a notoriously complex subject to master.

A blend of Maths and Sciences, Chemistry tackles the abstract nature of many chemical concepts and requires one to switch gears into new territory fairly often.

Thus, students need to have a solid foundation in Chemistry concepts to fully understand the subject.​ From our experience in teaching Chemistry tuition in Singapore, It can be even harder for students to tackle chemistry if

  • You are afraid of the demands of the subject

  • You lack the resources to learn O-level Chemistry

  • You are unprepared for the stress of the national Chemistry examinations

Knowing that, we tackle these problem areas to help you get prepared.

Join us now for a transformative O-Level Chemistry study experience!

Sec 3 Pure Chemistry

Term 1 

  • Experimental Design 

  • Methods of Purification and Analysis 

  • Kinetic Particle Theory

  • Atomic Structure

Term 2

  • Chem Bonding 

  • Structure and Properties of Materials 

  • Chemical Formulae and Equations

  • Mole Concept and Stoichiometry

  • Acids and Bases 

  • Salts

Term 3

  • Qualitative Analysis 

  • Oxidation and Reduction

  • Periodic Table 

  • Reactivity Series 

Term 4

  • Exam Preparation

Sec 4 Pure Chemistry

Term 1 

  • Redox Chemistry 

  • Ammonia 

  • Periodic Table 

  • Reactivity Series 

  • Rate of Reactions

Term 2

  • Chemical Energetics 

  • Electrochemistry 

  • Fuels and Crude Oil 

  • Hydrocarbons (Alkanes and Alkenes) and Isomerism 

  • Alcohols 

  • Carboxylic Acids and Esters

Term 3

  • Polymers 

  • Maintaining Air Quality 

  • Thematic Reviews and Quizzes 

Term 4

  • Exam Preparation

Sneak Peaks of Classes


Darrell Er

O-Level Chemistry

O-Level Physics 

9 years of teaching experience


Nicholas Lim

O-Level Chemistry

O-Level Physics

NUS Electrical Engineering graduate (First Class), 8 years of teaching experience


Jarryl Chan 

O-Level Chemistry

O-Level Physics

NTU graduate with first-class honours, 10 years of teaching experience


Abigail Tan 

H2 Chemistry

O-Level Chemistry

9 years of teaching experience at The Learning Lab


Shannon Mustamin

O-Level Chemistry

O-Level Combined Science (Chem/Phys)

NTU Chemistry graduate, 8 years of teaching experience


Pamela Low

O-Level Physics 

O-Level Chemistry 

O-Level EMath

O-Level AMath
H2 Physics 

Masters in Education,

13 years of teaching experience

Our Chemistry Tutors 

Watch our tutors teach

Teacher Jarryl's Sec 4 WA2 Chemistry Class

Topic: Energetics, Electrochemistry, Ammonia 

Join Teacher Jarryl as he brings you through a typical chemistry class.


From practice questions to clarifying key concepts, Teacher Jarryl ensures that your learning experience will be both transformative and efficient in gearing you up for your WA2 tests.  

Teacher Darrell's Sec 4 WA2 Physics Class

Topic: Current Electricity, DC Circuits & Practical Electricity

Looking for a Physics tutor who's relatable, able to explain complex concepts in students' lingo and experienced?


Teacher Darrell, has been teaching for the past 10 years and will bring you through worksheets, key questions and answers to make sure you are armed with knowledge to face your exams.

Teacher Jason's Sec 4 WA2 Biology Class

Topic: Biological Molecules and Nutrition in Humans

Want to get experience a session of Teacher Jason's Biology Group Tuition classes? Fret not.


Tune in to his Youtube WA2 revision class packed with engaging teaching, scientific videos that will captivate your attention and enable you to understand much needed Biology concepts. 

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$37.5/hr (weekend)

Upper Sec:

$40/hr (weekday)

$42.5/hr (weekend)

Integrated Programme (IP)

$45/hr (weekday)

$47.5/hr (weekend)


$50/hr (weekday)

$52.5/hr (weekend)


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