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The intensive revision you definitely need before your JC1 Mid-Terms.

June Holiday Crash Course

Revision for the JC1
mid-term syllabus

With over seven years of MOE Teaching Training, our specialist subject tutors leverage their expertise during the crash course modules to cover WA2 and JC1 Midterm topics. Each module will be 3 hours. 



Exam Strategies and Answering Techniques

Our specialist tutors equip students with subject-specific answering techniques, providing targeted questions to help them apply their new knowledge.



the latest updated
2024 curated notes

Our specialist tutors work closely with teaching assistants to provide students with the most updated notes, which are regularly revised to reflect yearly MOE syllabus changes.



Sign up via the 'Holiday Program' form & our admin will reach out within 1-2 working days.

What to expect?

  • DATE: 27 May 2024 - 23rd June 2024 

  • LOCATION: Marine Parade, Kovan and Bukit Timah

  • FORMAT: Either Physical / Online (Zoom)


Price: JC: $80/module

Bundle of 3: $200



June Holiday Crash
Course Information (JC1)

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Sign up form

Sign up via the 'Holiday Program' form & our admin will reach out within 1-2 working days.

If signing up for multiple subjects, please submit multiple entries. 

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What are the benefits?

Why 800+ students attend our crash courses every year.


7 - 13+ years of tutoring experience



Useful exam strategies & skills


Tackle commonly tested questions & identify common pitfalls.


Expertly designed notes for optimal revision



Are there any hidden fees?

The course fee is a one-time fee and is inclusive of the curated notes that you will receive when attending the crash course.

There are no hidden fees or extra learning materials that you will need to purchase. 

What content will be covered?

We will go through key concepts from each chapter and highlight important keywords/answering techniques.

We will also run through commonly tested questions from the ten year series (tys) & difficult questions that students tend to get stuck on.

The goal is to help students get an intensive revision and to provide them with useful exam tips & strategies before their big national exam!

Where is the location?

The crash course will be conducted at 3 locations: 

 OVERMUGGED@MarineParade, Parkway Center

OVERMUGGED@Kovan, Upper Serangoon Rd

OVERMUGGED@BukitTimah, Bukit Timah Rd

Our classrooms accommodate 30 pax.

The classroom is fully air-conditioned & equipped with a large 65' Prism TV.

Can students join online / what if student is unable to join for a module?

All crash courses are conducted in hybrid format, with students attending physically while the rest tune in via Zoom. 

For students who prefer to join online, they will be provided with the zoom link and be mailed the notes ahead of time. Lesson content will be the same.

For students who miss any module due to school activities or travel plans, they can request for the recording of the session and review it on their own time. 

Our Locations


Hear it from the students themselves!


"Really like how tutor Darrell covered every topics tested for O’s and specified the key points of each chapter and also going through common olvl tys qns!

The acronyms provided that really stuck with me all as well as all the anedotes you shared (Pokemon example, thermistor/LED/resistance)!"

- Toria, St Anthony Canossian Secondary School


"Throughout the crash course, concepts and skills are taught in a fun yet effective way.

It was really much more effective as compared to a school setting!"

- Chuan Kang, Ang Mo Kio Secondary School

"The crash course really helped me to have a deeper and clearer understanding of physics as a whole.

Not to mention, the lesson was taught in such an enjoyable manner as well! Highly recommended!"

- Dylan, Catholic High School


"The course helped me to understand the importance of understanding the concepts and not just memorising them.

It makes the learning process so much easier and more effective!"

- Hazel, Edgefield Secondary School

Google Reviews

The physics crash course was extremely helpful and had taught me strategies to tackle commonly-tested questions for the O levels. The lessons were extremely well-planned and the selected questions tackled were helpful in letting me feel more prepared. Before joining the crash course, I was extremely doubtful about being able to score well for Physics but after the crash course, I found myself feeling more hopeful about doing well. The teacher was also extremely patient and was concise in explaining the questions we did. This crash course has certainly enabled me to become more confident for the upcoming O levels :)

- Lai Jia Ying 

The teachers are really experienced and patient in answering my questions! really enjoyed the revision classes and they really helped me a lot! might even consider joining the tution next year thanks so much for the revision notes and classes really needed them😄

- Aretha


I love the chem and physics lessons by Darrell Er and attended the physics crash course this june, his notes are extremely comprehensive and clear-cut as well !! 

- Kayla Lim

I joined the Physics crash course during the June holidays and it is super useful for me. The teacher gave a lot of good tips and tricks to help me identify how I can solve the problems. Some of these tricks are not taught in school. He even gave every student a set of notes (worth about $50), which is basically a summary of all the topics with sample questions, and I think this will help me a lot with my revision for O-Levels.


Before going to the crash course, I felt hopeless about my Physics. Now I feel a lot more confident and the crash course is super worth it.The teacher, Darrell Er, is a really professional teacher as well, he will use analogies and other methods to help students visualise and understand the topics better. He managed to go through all 22 Physics chapters in just 9 hours! He is really funny too. Before this I was utterly confused about a lot of topics and now I can finally understand them! He even provided free flow snacks for us during the crash course.Thank you so much for saving my Physics!!!

- Icyrus

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