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Secondary School students No.1 tuition choice

O-Level Tuition in Singapore

Feeling academically lost? 

Trust us with your entire O-Level academic journey.

Secondary School can feel like a whole new world.

The pressure to score, to work towards O-Levels or IP Secondary 4 Exams all while juggling CCA and school work can be very overwhelming.



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We teach and guide your learning according to the latest MOE O-Level Syllabus for each term.


We frame your O-Level journey for you. 

We provide knowledgable and experienced tutors to help you learn.

Our tutors are dedicated to guiding and explain concepts to you. With a 24/7 tutor hotline, you'll be sure to get your questions answered and clarified.



We provide the best resources for you.

  • Crash Courses 

  • Free Revision Events

  • Free Revision Notes

  • Subject Specialist Curated Notes

  • Youtube Educational Webinars

  • The Group Chat Study Podcast 

  • Free access to our in-centre cozy study corners

We bring you the welfare you need to keep going!

  • Monthly Bubble Tea / Starbucks treats

  • Movie Outings and Games Day 

  • Unlimited Free Flow Snacks during classes 


Let Overmugged help you.

With highly experienced Secondary School Tutors who provide study frameworks, flexible class arrangements and consultations for their students, your O-Level journey / IP journey will truly be well taken care of with Overmugged.


Highly experienced Seconday School tutors

Our highly qualified Secondary School tutors have a wealth of teaching experience, averaging about 6-12 years in the Education Industry. Each Overmugged Secondary School tutor is an expert on their subject and has extensive knowledge of the specificities and marking requirements of the subjects they teach.

Proven track record

OVERMUGGED has a good track record, boosting many students from barely passing to achieving their dream grades (A1/A2).

Support and Resources beyond class

Learning doesn't stop once the class is over. Our tutors provide unlimited consultations for students after class to ensure their grasp of crucial concepts.

Exam season preparedness

From providing useful exam tips for optimal revision to mock trial exams that promote confidence and readiness, our approach is designed to equip students with valuable examination skills.

Small class sizes

We intentionally keep our class sizes small (4-12 pax.) to provide personalised support for each student and monitor their progress.

Flexible arrangements

We cater to the needs of different students. We offer both Secondary School home tuition classes (online via Zoom) and in-person tuition classes.

Hear what our students have to say

9194D417-47F2-4A3D-B216-D3DB9A258A6F - tongen leow_edited.jpg

Tong En (Jurongville)

Pure Chemistry: C6 to A2

How would you describe your tutor? (Personality, teaching skills, engagement etc...)
Engaging, will really go in depth to clear our questions. v kind also always treat us bubble tea 🌝

What was your biggest takeaways/learnings from tuition lessons?
All the short forms he made so that it’s easier for us to memorize the keywords and the prelim papers he gave.

Describe the difference you felt in terms of academics before attending tuition and after you started attending tuition.
Know the diff keywords for diff topics ..

Name any specific instances where your tutor did something that meant a lot for you. (Eg: consultations after class, treating you food etc...)
Bubble tea 🌝

Our O-Level Tutor Team


Darrell Er

O-Level Chemistry

O-Level Physics 

9 years of teaching experience


Nicholas Lim

O-Level Chemistry

O-Level Physics

NUS Electrical Engineering graduate (First Class), 8 years of teaching experience


Jarryl Chan 

O-Level Chemistry

O-Level Physics

NTU graduate with first-class honours, 10 years of teaching experience


Jason Phang


O-Level Biology

IP Biology  

NUS Life Sciences graduate with a minor in Psychology, 11 years of teaching experience


Pamela Low

O-Level Physics 

O-Level EMath

O-Level AMath

Masters in Education,

13 years of teaching experience


Shannon Mustamin

O-Level Chemistry

O-Level Combined Science (Chem/Phys)

NTU Chemistry graduate, 8 years of teaching experience


Felicia Er

IP Lower Secondary Science 

IP Chemistry

IP Physics 

NTU Biological Science graduate, 14 years of teaching experience


Ng E-Lin

O-Level EMath

O-Level AMath
IP Math 

NTU Sciences graduate with a minor in financial Mathematics, 

7 years of teaching experience

Thomas Lim

O-Level EMath

O-Level AMath

5 years of teaching experience 

Clarence Lee

O-Level EMath

O-Level AMath

NTU graduate, 3 years of teaching experience


Bonnie Pang

O-Level Principle of Accounts

NTU graduate, 4 years of teaching experience 


Olivia Teng

O-Level English

NTU English Literature graduate with a Masters in Education, 4 years of teaching experience 

Check Out Our Competitive Rates!

Lower Sec:

$35/hr (weekday)

$37.5/hr (weekend)

Upper Sec:

$40/hr (weekday)

$42.5/hr (weekend)

Integrated Programme (IP)

$45/hr (weekday)

$47.5/hr (weekend)


$50/hr (weekday)

$52.5/hr (weekend)


Hurry, slots are filling up!

Register your interest and we will reach out to you within 1-2 working days!

You can also drop us a message at 8770 2540 for further enquiries.

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Want to request for extra notes?

We have notes for every chapter & other learning materials like mind maps & mock papers!

Simply join our telegram channel @overmugged & make your request there!

Join our 'O' Levels Telegram Channel here.

Join our 'A' Levels Telegram Channel here.

Join our Lower Sec Telegram Channel here.

Can't find our Telegram channels? Simply search @overmugged, @overmuggedAlevels, @overmuggedlowersec on Telegram to find us!

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