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Ms E-Lin

'O' Levels & Integrated Program Math Tutor

I am a graduate from the National University of Singapore, holding a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree majoring in Statistics with a Data Science specialisation, and a minor in financial mathematics.


I have been tutoring for more than 5 years now and helped students from all educational levels (Primary, Secondary, Junior College, and University Y1-2) with mathematics and statistics. I teach at Overmugged and give 1-to-1 tuition as well. I specialise in teaching Upper Secondary Mathematics. 

I first started giving math tuition because of my passion for the subject, and I wanted to change the negative impression many students have towards the subject. Math can be interesting and fun (and not difficult) when taught the right way.  It really warms my heart when I see my students’ growing interest in the subject and their grades improving from there.

Significant improvement can be seen in most of my students' results after 2 months of tuition. On average, my students who failed at the beginning, improve 6 grades in 2-3 months after starting tuition. Most of my students score an A2 and above for both Amath and Emath for the 2022 O-Level. 

I impart a lot of tips and exam techniques that are not usually taught in school during my lessons. These tips help my students understand, and solve questions correctly and accurately in the long run. I also always emphasise to my students, not to leave the class with any doubts, and not to be afraid to ask any questions. 

“He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever.” - Confucius

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