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Ms Pamela

H1/H2 Physics

H1/H2 Chemistry

O Level Physics

O Level Chemistry

O Level E Maths

IP Physics

I am a NTU graduate in both Master of Education and Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace Engineering) with 12 years of teaching and nurturing experience. I plan to continue doing that for a very long time and I can confidently say that 85% of my students have gotten an A for ‘A’ Levels Physics and ‘A’ Levels Chemistry and moved on to their dream courses in University.


95% of my ‘O’ Level Physics and Chemistry students have also achieved results that they have set at the start of the year with me and moved on to their dream routes thereafter.

I am a strong believer of the process and believe that learning is a part of life and not just a phase in life. In my classroom, learning is a two-way process and I strive to get my students to be as involved in my teaching as they are in their learning. My favourite catchphrase would be: "No kid gets left behind."  

Learning as becoming is my vision in the classroom because I believe that learning involves the whole person and is not as simple as filling up an empty mind. My lessons transform children to think and behave like mathematicians, chemists, physicists, biologists, and many more. 

My students will receive high quality learning materials, ranging from curated worksheets, summary concept maps, ten-year series questions bank and mock papers that are closely tailored to their learning.

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