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JC Physics Tuition Classes │ JC H2 Physics Tuition Singapore

Ensure exam preparedness like never before with OVERMUGGED's evidence-based JC Physics tuition programme!

Learning physics is tough, but learning A-level Physics in two years is tougher.

Add to the fact that you need considerable mathematical skills to solve problems, AND you need to have mastered your secondary school Physics knowledge - it's expected to feel overwhelmed.

Fortunately, you don't have to cram two years' worth of physics knowledge and expect to pass your exams with flying colours alone.

OVERMUGGED's JC Physics tuition centre has got your back, helping you better understand and navigate your whole JC Physics journey.

JC physics tuition in singapore

OVERMUGGED can provide you with the rigour needed to excel in your A-level physics examinations

Part of what makes Physics lessons difficult is the need to have mastery over Mathematics.

OVERMUGGED does not shy away from the mathematical nature of the subject and instead leans into it to ensure that you can tackle anything from basic physics concepts to quantum physics.

Our A-level physics tuition classes are designed to put rigour, focus, and discipline in your work to maximise the learning process and ace your JC physics exams.

Why OVERMUGGED is Your Preferred Physics Tuition Centre in Singapore

jc tuition centre.jpeg

Highly experienced JC physics tutors

Our junior college specialist tutor has a wealth of experience teaching JC Physics tuition students, making complicated H2 Physics concepts easy to understand.


Experts on junior college subjects

Every JC Physics tutor at OVERMUGGED has extensive knowledge of the specificities and marking requirements of the H2 physics syllabus.


Proven track record

OVERMUGGED has a consistently high distinction rate, boosting many JC students from barely passing to getting A1/A2.


Flexible arrangements

We cater to the needs of different students by ensuring our JC Physics tuition lessons are available in person and online via Zoom.


Small class sizes

We intentionally keep our class sizes small (4-12 pax.) to provide personalised support for each student and monitor their progress.


Support beyond class

Learning doesn't stop once tuition class is over. Our tutors provide unlimited consultations for students after class to ensure their grasp of crucial JC Physics concepts.


Exam season preparedness

From providing useful exam tips for optimal revision to mock trial exams that promote confidence and readiness, our approach is designed to equip students with valuable JC Physics examination skills.


Specialised JC Physics classes and activities

During school holidays, we also provide exam-oriented crash courses to brush up on fundamental concepts and boost problem-solving skills.

Experience the effectiveness of the OVERMUGGED method for yourself with a free trial lesson!


Student Testimonials

9194D417-47F2-4A3D-B216-D3DB9A258A6F - tongen leow_edited.jpg

Tong En (Jurongville)

Pure Chemistry: C6 to A2

How would you describe your tutor? (Personality, teaching skills, engagement etc...)
Engaging, will really go in depth to clear our questions. v kind also always treat us bubble tea 🌝

What was your biggest takeaways/learnings from tuition lessons?
All the short forms he made so that it’s easier for us to memorize the keywords and the prelim papers he gave.

Describe the difference you felt in terms of academics before attending tuition and after you started attending tuition.
Know the diff keywords for
diff topics ..

Name any specific instances where your tutor did something that meant a lot for you. (Eg: consultations after class, treating you food etc...)
Bubble tea 🌝

JC H2 Physics Tuition Notes - Latest 2023 Version

1000 copies of customised worksheets sold weekly!

We believe that having the best learning resources is vital to making learning so much easier!

Thus, we offer highly condensed and curated notes for our students in an all-in-one booklet.

Curated by OVERMUGGED's very own JC Physics tutors, the booklet is designed based on the latest MOE syllabus.

It focuses on helping students master the H2 Physics concepts and skills needed at their level:

✅ Upgraded version of the free notes

✅ Comprehensive coverage of the entire 2023 A-level Physics syllabus

✅ Breakdowns of key concepts in the JC Physics syllabus

✅ Concise content flows

✅ Worked examples, answering techniques and exam tips to tackle common Physics questions at the national exams

Get your copy today and supercharge your revision!

Prices listed are inclusive of delivery within 2-3 days to your home letterbox.

$40 per booklet.

189 pages.

o level physics tuition.jpeg

I am an NTU graduate with both a Master of Education and a Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace Engineering) with 12 years of teaching and nurturing experience.

I am a strong believer in the process and believe that learning is a part of life, not just a phase of life. In my classroom, learning is a two-way process where I strive to get my students to be as involved in my teaching as they are in their learning.

My favourite catchphrase would be: "No kid gets left behind." My students will receive high-quality learning materials, ranging from curated worksheets, summary concept maps, ten-year series questions bank and mock papers that are closely tailored to their learning.

Learning as becoming is my vision in the classroom because I believe that learning involves the whole person and is not as simple as filling up an empty mind. My lessons help students to think and behave like mathematicians, chemists, physicists, biologists, and many more.

Pamela Low.jpeg

Pamela Low



Check Out Our Competitive Rates!

Lower Sec:

$35/hr (weekday)

$37.5/hr (weekend)

Upper Sec:

$40/hr (weekday)

$42.5/hr (weekend)

Upper Sec IP:

$45/hr (weekday)

$47.5/hr (weekend)

'A' Levels:

$50/hr (weekday)

$52.5/hr (weekend)


Email us at or reach us directly at WhatsApp

Ace JC Physics with OVERMUGGED's exam-focused tuition program

At OVERMUGGED, we have designed our tuition program to address every challenge that stands in your way of passing A-level examinations.

What you get when you pick our JC tuition lessons:

  • Specialised notes based on the JC syllabus curated by our experienced tutors

  • Unique answering techniques to ensure you make the JC cut-off points

  • A-level examination skills to keep calm during high-stress exam periods

  • Focused JC tuition classes taught by experienced tutors

But don't take our word for it; experience it for yourself.

Sign up for a FREE JC Physics trial lesson today!


Want to request for extra notes?

We have notes for every chapter & other learning materials like mind maps & mock papers!

Simply join our telegram channel @overmugged & make your request there!

Join our 'O' Levels Telegram Channel here.

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Join our Lower Sec Telegram Channel here.

Can't find our Telegram channels? Simply search @overmugged, @overmuggedAlevels, @overmuggedlowersec on Telegram to find us!

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