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'O' Levels Chemistry & Physics Tutor

I am a NTU graduate with 8 years of tutoring experience. Most of my students have gotten an A1/A2 for their 'O' levels science subjects!

In 2022, I guided over 80+ group tuition students for their 'O' Levels and conducted holiday crash courses for hundreds of students.

I always work to ensure that my students understand the concepts and reinforce knowledge retention via consistent practice.

I also curate my own notes and have my own database of questions to help students gain more exposure of different question types.

My teaching methodology has produced an excellent track record of tutees scoring A1/A2 for their science subjects and I do not intend to break that streak any time soon!

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Darrell Er
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Hear it from the students themselves.

DC8269E4-16DB-4E3A-A92E-D760E896772E - low ziyang.jpeg

Unlike other tutors out there, Mr Darrell provides an easy understanding yet in-depth explanation of every topics and makes sure you understand before moving on.

He teaches not only for the sake of teaching but he lets you understands why you need to learn certain things and the importance of it. 

However, with that said, he stills follows very closely with the MOE syllabus to make sure everything he teaches is relevant to what we are studying, which makes students like me appreciate it.

He is also always readily available to answer your questions eagerly be it through texts or lessons.

Overall, mr Darrell is a cheerful, eager and patient teacher. With him, you will never go wrong.

Ziyang (Punggol Secondary School)

IMG_2165 - Christelle Ng Li Xuan (Student).jpeg

I would say Mr Er is like a brother + friend + tutor to me? He’s a brother because he shares about his personal life during tuition lessons which makes the lesson less boring.

He’s a friend because he really cares for us. During exam period, he’ll give us advice to not be so stressed and just do our best. I mean all Teachers probably do that but i can feel Mr Er’s sincerity when he does it. For example, he’ll give us his own/ his friends experiences and it does really make me less anxious about exams :DD

S3 EOY to S4 Prelim: E8 to A1

Christelle Ng (Clementi Town Secondary School)

Screenshot_2022-10-01-10-48-24-74_92460851df6f172a4592fca41cc2d2e6 - Keane Wong.jpg

I would describe Darrell as a cordial and forthcoming tutor who seeks to go above and beyond for his students.

I undoubtedly felt more confident and competent in my subjects.

He was eager to clarify any doubts or gaps in my knowledge of the subject.

S3 EOY to S4 Prelim: B4/C5 to A1/A1

Keane (New Town Secondary School)

9194D417-47F2-4A3D-B216-D3DB9A258A6F - tongen leow.jpeg

Teacher Darrell is very engaging and will really go in depth to clear our questions.

He's very kind also, always treating us bubble tea 🌝

All the short forms he made helped make it much easier for us to memorise the keywords. The prelim papers he reviewed with us helped a lot in knowing the different keywords for different topics ..

S3 EOY to S4 Prelim: C6 to A2

Tong En (Jurongville Secondary School)

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