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[NYGH] Free WA2 Revision Session

Get prepared and ace your upcoming WA2 with us. Both online and physical options available! *Exclusively for NYGH students only.

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[NYGH] Free WA2 Revision Session
[NYGH] Free WA2 Revision Session

Time & Location

23 Apr 2023, 11:00 am – 01 May 2023, 7:00 pm

Singapore, 896 Dunearn Rd, Link@896, #03-08E, Singapore 589472



Prepare for your upcoming WA2 with us! 

Revision sessions are available for Sec 1s to Sec 4s (both physical & online options available). 

This event is exclusively for Nanyang Girls High School students only. Content covered is specifically catered to NYGH's school curriculum & content.

For take-home WA2 assignments, you will receive 1-1 consultations from our tutors.

Check out our event flyer for more information.

Subjects covered includes:

  • IP Sec 1 Science (27th April, Thu, 3-4.30pm) 
  • IP Sec 2 Science (26th April, Wed, 4.30-6pm)
  • IP Sec 2 Math (23rd Apr, Sun, 1.30-3pm)
  • IP Sec 2 Language Arts (23rd April, Sun, 11-12.30pm)
  • IP Sec 3 Math (23rd Apr, Sun, 2.30-4pm)
  • IP Sec 3 Physics (1st May, Mon, 11.30-1pm)
  • IP Sec 3 Language Arts (1st May, Mon, 2.30-4pm)
  • IP Sec 3 Chemistry (1st May, Mon, 4-5.30pm)
  • IP Sec 3 Biology (1st May, Mon, 5.30-7pm)
  • IP Sec 4 Math (24th April, Mon, 7-8.30pm)
  • IP Sec 4 Biology (1st May, Mon, 1-2.30pm)
  • IP Sec 4 Chemistry (1st May, Mon, 2.30-4pm)
  • IP Sec 4 Language Arts (1st May, Mon, 4-5.30pm)
  • IP Sec 4 Physics (1st May, Mon, 5.30-7pm)


  • IP Sec 1 Science: Take-home assignment 1-1 consultations (Nature of Science, Physical Properties, Separation Techniques, Chemical Composition)
  • IP Sec 2 Science: Chemical Changes, Forces, Pressure
  • IP Sec 2 Math: Take-home assignment 1-1 consultations (Linear Graph, Simultaneous Equations & their applications)
  • IP Sec 2 Language Arts Take-home assignment 1-1 consultations (Writing, Current Affairs, Journalism)
  • IP Sec 3 Chemistry: Chemical Bonding, Acids & Bases, Ionic  Equations, Salts
  • IP Sec 3 Physics: Refraction, Lenses, Kinematics, Dynamics
  • IP Sec 3 Biology: Inheritance  Infectious Diseases in Humans
  • IP Sec 3 Math: Surds, Indices, Remainder and Factor Theorem with Partial Fractions
  • IP Sec 3 Language Arts: Literary Response Essay - written analysis of an  unseen text
  • IP Sec 4 Chemistry: Electrolysis, Rate of Reaction
  • IP Sec 4 Physics: Dynamics, General Wave Properties, Static Electricity, Current of Electricity
  • IP Sec 4 Biology: Cell Division, Transport in Man (Heart only), Respiration & Execretion
  • IP Sec 4 Math: Differentiation & Applications
  • IP Sec 4 Language Arts:  Take-home assignment 1-1 consultations (Critical Response - Lead up to Application Questions)

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