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Known among students for his passion and life-changing teaching skills.

Mr Jason Phang


'O' Level Biology
IP Biology


NUS Life Sciences Graduate, with a Minor in Psychology


Teaching Experience and Achievements

Over the course of teaching for 10 years and counting, I have achieved my goal of helping students experience a smoother learning journey.


Jason’s past teaching experiences include:

  • 7 years at The Learning Lab tuition centre (2015 - 2022)

  • 2 years in Whizland Education Consultants tuition centre (2010 - 2011)

  • 2 years in MOE schools as a relief teacher (2010 - 2011)


Jason places emphasis on real-world learning, and he hopes to pass on his energy and passion for learning to his students. Providing meticulously crafted curated notes, worksheets and mock papers, his goal is to ensure that his students can reach their fullest potential.


Over 80% of his IP students (majority from NYGH, HCI, RI and RGS) scored distinctions (A1/A2 or GPA 3.6 & above) and all of his ‘O’ Level students made significant improvement after joining classes - from a fail to as high as A2 at O levels.


About me

My teaching methodology focuses on helping students understand complex concepts in a simplified manner, reinforcing knowledge retention via interesting analogies and real-world application of knowledge and make learning fun with games, hands-on activities and Science experiments!

What our 
students say

I attended the September Holiday Chemistry EOY Revision sessions and Mr Jarryl was my favourite. He shared with us many tips on how to remember key words when answering questions and he's also really funny which helped us to keep engaged and awake.

Pang Jing Ying 

Raynee Tan 

I thoroughly enjoyed Teacher Jarryl's Combined Chemistry and Physics lessons. 


He was able to connect and relate to us while making the lesson fun and easy to understand. He was also able to engage us well both in-person or online by getting us to answer questions and by explaining concepts both effectively and straightforwardly. 


I found it useful that Teacher Jarryl covered the contents of each topic and its respective common misunderstandings before letting us do a worksheet. 


He also spent time making sure that we understood the thinking process to solving questions in both Chemistry and Physics. This helped a lot because I personally tend to not understand the process behind solving questions. I definitely will consider signing up for more events like this, thank you OVERMUGGED! 

Jack C

Teacher Jarryl is an exceptional Chemistry Tuition Teacher! I can confidently give him a 5-star review. 

His teaching style is not only clear and concise but also engaging, and he makes complex O-Level Chemistry concepts easy to understand. He also goes the extra mile to ensure his students grasp the material, and his dedication to their success is truly admirable. His patience and ability to adapt to individual learning needs really sets him apart. 

Since I’ve attended his lessons, I've seen a significant improvement in my Chemistry skills and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a top-notch Chemistry Tutor.

Wong Syuen


The tuition classes at OVERMUGGED are great! 


I was taught Combined Chemistry/ Physics by Mr Jarryl and his lessons and tips for doing papers really helped. I went from a C6 to an A1 within one term. Mr Jarryl is also a very nice guy who goes beyond being a tuition teacher to care about our welfare by buying bubbletea or snacks during lessons. He’s also really enjoyable to talk to! I ecommend you guys joining if u guys want an AAAAAAAA.

Arthi Nachammai

Teacher Jarryl is so amazing and friendly👏👏 

I really wouldn’t have made it this far without him or my other classmates at OVERMUGGED. Amazing lessons and OVERMUGGED’s tutors are all super caring and understanding. Their notes are also so concise and easy to understand. Tysm teacher Jarryl for saving my O-Level Physics 🙏 


I attended the EOY revisions for a few subjects during the September holidays via zoom to revise for my Year End Examinations. Overall, I really think the revision sessions were very effective and beneficial to me. My favourite teachers were Teacher Jarryl and Teacher Felicia.


Specifically for Teacher Jarryl, he was very entertaining and cheerful and he made the lessons more lively and interesting. I was so engaged during his lessons that I found it so much easier to understand than what I was taught in school😅. He really tried his best to digest students’ questions and explain concepts slowly to make sure that we understood. After I attended his lessons, I was so much more confident with the subject and was able to do practise papers better.

Rachel Chng 

I attended both sessions of the Secondary 3 Chemistry and Physics Revision classes this September Holidays and I really enjoyed Mr Jarryl’s class. 


He made confusing Chemistry concepts easier as he broke them down into different steps/acronyms, allowing us to not only have a better understanding, but an increased confidence in our ability to solve Chemistry questions. After attempting some Chemistry questions after his revision sessions, I could see my confidence improving! I’m not avoiding studying chemistry anymore, thank you Mr Jarryl.

Qin Ci Tan

I sincerely love OVERMUGGED, especially Mr Jarryl! He is such a cool teacher. My O-Levels CONFIRM A1. After attending his classes, my sciences went from C6 to A1!!!! 100% RECOMMEND Mr Jarryl’s class. 

Iak Iak

D7 to A1

I went from a D7 TO A1 for my Chemistry IN 1 YEAR 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️

Shawn Lim* (name anonymised for privacy)

Teacher Jarryl, best teacher hands down!! 🐒🐒 He’s very cool and passionate about Chemistry and Physics and enabled me to finally understand Chemistry!!! Wanna see him again for class!! 


Teacher Jarryl is SUPER COOL !!! I LOVE OVERMUGGED !!! He really helped me improve my grades DRASTICALLY 😁😁

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