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How to Prepare for O-Level Exams with Your Child

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

o level exam preparation

Many O Levels students experience stress, exhaustion, and burnout months before the exam.

It's only normal to feel anxious in the weeks leading up to the major exams, considering that their scores would ultimately determine their future educational plans.

So what can you do to help your child be better prepared for such a monumental event in their life?

Here are a few suggestions from OVERMUGGED to get you started.

Create a Study Routine for Your Child

study plan

Following a well-planned revision schedule aids in maintaining discipline, self-control and setting realistic study goals.

Instead of focusing on one subject for a long time, start preparing a study schedule where your child can study each subject in turn for better retention of key concepts across the O-level syllabus.

Schedule a specific time in your child's revision plan to complete their assignments or revisions, and try your best to make sure they keep to it.

Ensure Your Child Gets Enough Breaks

Studying all the time is detrimental, so make sure to take care of your child by making sure they get to relax occasionally.

In order to maintain mental and physical health, make sure your child takes frequent breaks and while preparing for a demanding exam.

Some students prefer outdoor activities to unwind, while others might relax with a few rounds of video games with friends.

Regardless, let your child take their breaks however they like to ensure they stay motivated. There's no point in burning out before your child can even step foot in the exam hall!

Practice Retrieval Techniques

revision guide

Many students simply go through their notes several times to revise essential information.

While this rehearsal method is effective for committing information to memory, it's also essential to ensure that your child can access stored information throughout the exam day.

Do a flash card test with your child to practice retrieval techniques and build their confidence in answering techniques.

You can try other memory techniques with your child, such as mnemonics, memory palaces, and creating creative connections to find out the best way for your child to learn.

There might be certain online learning tools that can help improve memory retention as well.

Get Your Child to Make One-page Cheat Sheets

o levels answer sheet

Pretend as if your child could bring in notes to their O-level examinations. What would they fill the page with?

Then, set a time limit and allow them to jot down information in their own words instead of regurgitating memorised materials. Then, go through the notes together after the period is up.

Which topics are they struggling with? Which sections have more points, and which are lacking?

This can help you identify your child's weaker areas and learning gaps. Go through these topics again and get them to repeat the exercise until they can remember the important points.

Look Through Past Practice Papers with Your Child

Even though it may seem like a small thing to do when preparing your child for their exams, looking over their practice exams the week before O-level exams will help them review all they need to know while reacquainting themselves with the format of the exam.

Your child can identify the questions they frequently get wrong by looking at past papers.

Be sure to remind your child to always keep an eye out for the recurring mistakes that they usually make when taking exams!

It never hurts to be more careful and remind your child to always double-check their work before submitting.

Finally, Make Sure Your Child Gets Enough Sleep!

Many students believe they can simply study all night, but that is not the best strategy, as sleep deprivation will surely affect your ability to recall information.

It's crucial for your child to get a good night's sleep the night before an exam so they can show up confident and rested.

A fatigued mind will only make things more challenging for your child.

Ace Your O Levels with Overmugged!

o levels enrichment classes

We understand that parents can get even more stressed out than their exam-taking children - after all, you just want them to succeed.

Thus, the most important thing is to support your child as they go through this challenging period of time. Trust us - they understand the pressure to do well too!

Need more educational support for your child?

Trust OVERMUGGED to prepare your child to achieve their full potential and thrive in secondary school! With OVERMUGGED, your child has the chance to

  • experience tried-and-true teaching methods that increase concept retention,

  • improve exam-taking skills with our mock exams and educational boot camps,

  • access premium, curated revision notes complete with concept breakdowns, worked examples and more!

But you don't have to commit just yet.

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