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How to do your last minute 'O' levels revision effectively

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

I’m not sure about you but for me, the period of time when I’m the most stressed is not during the exam itself but the days right before it — when I’m cramming the final bits of information into my last two brain cells.

Now is the time to chiong ah but blindly rushing into your revision is not going to do you any good either.

Here are some tips to help you to power through your last minute revisions & how you can make the most out of your remaining time before your O levels exam!

1. Test yourself

Have you ever stepped into an exam hall and just completely blanked out? Yeah, everyone has. Even if you were to be mugging right before the paper, the information may not have been retained in your memory.

If you memorise, you might forget. If you learn & understand, you will remember for life. You will never forget how to cycle once you learn it right?

That’s because it has not made the journey from short term memory to long term memory. By testing yourself, especially on the tougher content, you are working on recalling the information over and over again, making it faster for you to pull it out when you need in the future.

The best way to test yourself is to try and apply your knowledge to practice questions. Better yet, you should try and explain the concept to someone else.

"If you can teach somebody else a concept, it means you truly understand the concept."

2. Ask for help

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of self-awareness. The brightest students are the ones who are the most proactive in getting help because they know that getting help is the easiest way to learn something they struggle to understand.

Get help from seniors, teachers or even classmates who are ahead of their studying schedule. They understand what you are going through and can bring you through the topics quickly as well.

With so little time left, its smart to ask for help before its too late!

3. Focus, focus, focus

Its the final lap. It's time for you to lace it up and power through to the finish line, just like how the Lakers closed out the Heats in Game 6. (That's right, Laker Nation baby!)

Whatever reason you give yourself to procrastinate, it's time to get real before it's REALLY TOO LATE.

The day before your exams are the most precious, where you should be reviewing summaries & checking all the boxes on your revision notes.

Be smart, now it's not the time to deep dive in every chapter anymore. Unless you are unsure of certain content or theories, you should focus on ensuring that your understanding for the overall topics are accurate. Putting away distractions like your phone, laptop or Tiktok will help you greatly on your revision process.


I wish you all the best and feel free to use all the free learning resources available on this website to make your learning more effective and productive!

Just some final words of encouragement, take deep breaths and don’t get too stressed out. You will get through this, just like many others have. You can do it!!

OVERMUGGED wishes everyone good luck and may the bell curve be ever in your favour!

Brought to you by OVERMUGGED.

By Tutors, For Students

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