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How to Choose a Tuition Centre in Singapore for Your Child

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

how to choose tuition centre

Are you looking to improve your child's academic scores with the exam season approaching?

With the right tuition centre, your child will definitely excel in their examinations and academic performance.

However, choosing a suitable tuition centre with a good tutor to aid in your child's learning might be difficult.

Follow OVERMUGGED as we highlight the key elements to look for in good tuition centres below!

Key Elements of Good Tuition Centres

Numerous tuition centres in Singapore have popped up to provide tutoring sessions, considering how many students struggle with Signapore's increasingly difficult examinations and complex education system.

Many of them claim to be the best.

But what exactly should you look for when choosing a tuition centre in Singapore?

Class Size

singaporean education system consists

In school, each class tends to average around 40 students. Such a large group makes it hard for your child's teacher to cater to the needs of everyone.

Furthermore, they have a schedule to stick to, and have to move on with the syllabus even if certain students have not comprehended the material.

Our tuition centre addresses this problem by making our class size as small as feasibly possible.

Small class size mitigates the issues stated above, and tutors will be more likely to meet the unique requirements of each student and monitor your child's progress effectively.

In other words, smaller class sizes will allow for more personalised attention for your child, which will result in a more conducive learning environment.


best tuition centre

The key element to take into account while selecting a tuition agency is credibility.

Before choosing a tuition centre, you should examine whether the tuotrs have the right qualifications, professional training and teaching experience.

This also involves being aware of the centre's history of teaching and its approach to meeting the various educational needs of its students.

The best and easiest way to determine a tuition centre's credibility is by checking out their online reviews on Google, Facebook and the like.

Teaching Methods

visual learning style

The four primary learning styles for children are auditory, visual, reading and writing, and kinesthetic.

Prior to enrolling your child in a tuition class, it's essential that you understand both your child's learning style and the tutor's teaching style.

A good tutor will know how to uplift your child's academic strengths while bridging any learning gaps.


If your child prefers learning from the comfort of home, or you simply don't have the extra time to physically send your child to tuition classes, you should find out whether a tuition centre offers online sessions.

Quality of Education

private tutoring

Another key element to consider when selecting a tuition centre for your child is the quality of education provided there.

A tuition centre's educational quality can be determined by its students' accomplishments and past graduates' testimonials.

For example, at OVERMUGGED, we clearly display the results our tutors have helped students achieve on our website.

These testimonials will offer you a general picture of what your child's experience at the tuition centre will be like and assist you in deciding whether they can meet your child's specific needs.

Honestly, it's probably a red flag if you can't find any testimonials or results on their socials.

Type of Notes and Learning Materials

private tutor

It's essential to take into account the kind of notes that will be issued while selecting a tuition centre.

Are they created by the tutors themselves? Do they only apply to that specific tuition centre?

Self-written notes from the right tutor typically have a greater level of quality compared to generic reference books you can get at the book store.

These notes will provide your child with an advantage because they are probably only shared within the tuition centre itself.

Your child will have notes that other students won't have, after all!

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child's tutor

Selecting the ideal tuition centre is essential in making sure your child gets the necessary academic support.

In Singapore, there are currently hundreds of tuition centres available, making it simple to be misled and choose the wrong option.

Trust OVERMUGGED to prepare your child achieve their full potential and thrive in Singapore's dynamic educational landscape.

With OVERMUGGED, your child has the chance to

  • experience tried-and-true teaching methods that increase concept retention,

  • improve exam-taking skills with our mock exams and educational bootcamps,

  • access premium, curated revision notes complete with concept breakdowns, worked examples and more!

But you don't have to commit just yet.

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