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An Alternative Pathway to Higher Education for O-Level and A-Level Graduates

After their GCE O-levels, many graduates who did well would take the traditional pathway to enter junior college or polytechnic before going into a public university.

But even though Karla Kasim did well enough to enter junior college, she chose an alternative pathway – which is studying in PSB Academy for her diploma and degree courses. There are a number of reasons why she chose this route.

A Fast Track to Higher Education

“I like the fact that studying at PSB Academy has allowed me to graduate faster than if I were to take the traditional education route,” explained Karla, who graduated with a Bachelor of Biomedical Science degree from La Trobe University in 2018. “In addition, I can get an overseas degree from a renowned university while I am still based in Singapore.”

O-level graduates are eligible to enroll into a certificate*/foundation diploma before progressing to diploma, while A-level graduates have direct entry to our suite of diploma programmes* that can be completed within 9 to 15 months. After the diploma, student can subsequently progress to a bachelor’s degree with one of our partner universities, and complete it within 12-48 months, depending on the course. This means that the graduates can possibly start their career earlier.

Karla’s degree course from La Trobe University was condensed into two years, with only one week of break before she started school again, and that was the same for every term, with each term being two months each. “Both courses were perfectly paced, allowing enough time to study and take breaks within each term,” said Karla, referring to both her diploma and degree courses.

“A shorter time frame to finish a degree doesn’t necessarily mean that students are not well equipped for the real world outside,” said Karla, who benefited from the practical sessions at school. In addition, Karla’s schoolmate Sarah Ng has learnt valuable video skills, such as filming and editing using professional software Adobe Premiere Pro from her elective pathway developed by Nas Academy in her Diploma in Media and Communications. She has also picked up soft skills, such as how to brand her content and tell compelling stories. The course allowed her to apply the knowledge to her side business.

For Jalaine Tan, her Diploma in Business Administration (Human Resource Management) covers a range of business and HR-related topics, making it versatile and allowing her to apply her knowledge and understand her profession better.

A Choice of 13 Diplomas and 6 Renowned University Partners

PSB Academy offers a choice of 13 diploma disciplines, including Accounting & Finance, Analytics, Business Management, Cyber Security, Engineering, Hospitality & Tourism, Human Resources, IT & Computer Science, Life Sciences, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Marketing, Media & Communications, and Sports Sciences. The academy works with industry partners, such as the FinTech Academy, Nas Academy and Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Enterprises and Start-ups Singapore (ACCESS),to develop the curriculum and further equip students with critical industry knowledge and exposure.

These 13 diploma disciplines also allow students to progress to a bachelor’s degree offered by one of the 6 renowned international university partners. Besides La Trobe University, PSB Academy’s university partners in Australia include Edith Cowan University and The University of Newcastle, while partners in the UK and US include Coventry University, Edinburgh Napier University and Webster University.

The progression pathway allows students to build their foundation and subsequently gain advanced knowledge at the degree level to support the career pathways and advance their professional development in Singapore. Carmen Lim, for instance, was promoted within a year at her new job after graduating with a Diploma in InfoComm Technology from PSB Academy. She received a 20 percent salary increase in her new job after graduated from the Bachelor of Science with Honours in Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity with Coventry University. Karla, on the other hand, has already mapped out a plan for her future. “With my education at PSB Academy, I hope to contribute to research breakthroughs and find new drugs to cure people around the world,” she said. “I have plans to pursue a Master’s degree. I know that PSB Academy has rolled out a Master’s degree programme with La Trobe University, and I hope to enroll in the programme.”

PSB Academy will be having their Open House on 15 January 2022. From informational webinars with industry partners and alumni to exclusive rebates and prizes*, find out how you can chart your higher education pathway with us today.

*Terms and conditions apply – for more information visit:

*Excluding graduate certificate and short courses.

*Excluding postgraduate diploma.

This article is sponsored by PSB Academy.

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