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Singapore's fastest rising 'O' Levels & 'A' Levels tuition brand.

You can find free high quality chapter notes & additional learning materials on our website to supercharge your revision.


If you need further guidance, our tutors also conduct weekly group tuition sessions to help you master the subject.


First trial lesson is free so don't hesitate to book a session with us today!


Making quality education accessible to all.

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2024 Group Tuition Sign-ups

Our upcoming slots for 2024 Group Tuition have just been opened. Sign up now and get priority selection for the classes and timeslots that you want. 

For more information, download our '2024 Group Tuition Information Handbook' here.

Check the latest class schedules here.

Ready to take the next step in preparing for your 'O' Levels & 'A' Levels? Join the OVERMUGGED family today. We promise this is a decision you won't regret!


Join our weekly group tuitions conducted by OVERMUGGED's specialist tutor team!

With carefully designed worksheets and comprehensive lesson plans, our small group tuitions will ensure that you receive the maximum guidance to achieve content mastery that will help you ace your exams!

Come sit in one of our group tuition to experience it for yourself!

(The first trial lesson is completely free!)

Lower Sec: $35/hr (weekday) / $37.5/hr (weekend)

Upper Sec: $40/hr (weekday) / $42.5/hr (weekend)

Upper Sec IP: $45/hr (weekday) / $47.5/hr (weekend)

'A' Levels: $50/hr (weekday) / $52.5/hr (weekend)


Register your interest and we will reach out to you within 1-2 working days!

You can also drop us a message at 8770 2540 for further enquiries.

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