'A' Levels Economics Tutor

I am a graduate from SMU, majoring in Economics and Finance. I have 6 years of tutoring experience, specialising in H2 Economics.

I hope to pass on my passion and knowledge of Economics to students.

This includes my capability to tie theoretical concepts with real-world examples for a fine-tuned learning process. Such procedures are exemplified in my students’ parabolic improvements in their grades with consistent As and Bs for their 'A' Levels.

I aim to hone students’ time management skills from identifying main concepts in a test within a set timeframe, allowing for sufficient time to score well. I will also devise commonly tested questions based on past trends to prepare my students.

With Economics being a relatively new subject, I understand that it may be hard to grasp the concept at its initial stage. However not to worry, I will make you love Econs!


Group Tuition: $45/h
Private tuition: $90/h

Feel free to reach out to me directly if you wish to work with me!

Ying Ru