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How to manage your stress for 'O' levels?

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Feeling stressed about your upcoming ‘O' levels is normal, in fact, it is healthy to feel a certain level of stress to build that sense of urgency in yourself.

However, an excessive amount of stress will not only create unnecessary pressure on your mental wellness but it will also create a lot of negative emotions that will affect your academics.

In this article, let's seek to explore how we can manage our stress level in a healthy way and put it to good use rather than letting the stress get to us and affect us in a negative manner.

It's a marathon, not a race

Firstly, understand that the journey leading up to ‘O' levels is a marathon, not a race. If you don't pace yourself, good chance you will burn out before you even reach the finish line.

Maintaining a steady pace for your revision helps you keep track of your progress while maintaining a healthy stress level.

Maintaining a slow but steady pace is much better than bursting in short spurts. You will be in much better shape if you run for 20 minutes every day than to try and run a marathon once every 3 months.

Even if it's a last-minute revision and you need not rush yourself and self-destruct instantly. If you are short on time, it will be wiser to look through summaries and mind-maps rather than to slog through every chapter one by one. Be smart about your strategy.

You can start off with a 3 hour daily revision duration and increase by half an hour after every weeks. That way, the change is not do drastic and you will be able to handle the study load. If done correctly, you can eventually hit up to 10 hrs a day comfortably.

Learn to take breaks

Taking a break is not a sin. In fact, scientific studies have shown that optimal concentration duration is 45 minutes and anything beyond that tend to have a decreasing yield in terms of how much information you can absorb.

Trying to force anything in after sitting there straight for 3 hours is not going to get you anywhere so be kind to your brain and take short breaks in between.

Take a walk or go for a toilet break. However, I suggest against using your phone or scrolling through social media as those tend to drain your brain even more and leave you more tired than before!

Set realistic goals

Complete entire TYS by today. Do 10 prelim papers in 6 hours. Memorise all your essays the night before exam.

If you set unrealistic goals, you are not only bound to fail, you are just outright demoralising yourself. Unrealistic goals are often the root cause of most of your stress as the workload is too much and near impossible to complete.

Setting realistic goals help to create a feasible plan and gradually working towards the milestones you set in place. Know yourself and set goals that you can actually achieve.

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